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Verifyi9 offers several types of Form I-9 audits to meet your specific need. Complete the form below to receive a free, no-obligation estimate of cost and download our free guide, “Preparing for a Form I-9 Audit.”
A comprehensive audit of your existing forms will uncover errors and omissions that can cost you thousands of dollars. We can review all, just your current employees or a set of forms that you select. Optionally, the review can include identification documents (if copies were retained). You will receive a detailed response for each form; not only describing each error that was discovered but providing guidance for correcting according to Form I-9 rules. The audit summary will highlight repetitive errors, which can indicate deficiencies in company practices and procedures. The summary will also include guidance and resources for improving internal processes for completing Form I-9.
The Certified Audit offers the same benefits as an Archival Audit, but is designed to satisfy vendor qualification requirements for Fedex, Publix Supermarkets, Verizon, Walmart and others. After the audit is completed, we will provide the certification required by your customer.
We will verify that your new hires are authorized to work in the U.S. via E-Verify, the best tool to ensure a legal workforce. The “Live” Audit ensures that the new hires’ forms are error-free, so it’s a great follow-up to an Archival or Certified Audit. E-Verify and a continuous audit can be evidence of a “good faith” effort to comply with Form I-9 rules, which can reduce penalties in a government audit.